Williamsport, PA

Paulo coelho

"Be Brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience."

I love to help people
I connect with others easily
I'm motivated
The life of the party

I'm Brynlin, your photographer who serves YOU. I'm an adventure seeker and dream chaser.


enneagram 2w3

1.  I lived in Barcelona, Spain & taught English for 10 months
2. I grew up in Montoursville, Pa on a small farm showing sheep, goats & pigs. 
3. I feel most calm when I'm surrounded by mountains and horses. 
4. I love hot coffee for the taste & iced coffee when I actually need a wake-up. 
5. Tater tots are one of my main food groups.


I live for

My love for traveling began when I took a year off of college and took a job in Spain. Touring Paris, London, Rome, Santorini, and dozens of other cities opened my eyes to the beauty this planet has to offer. 

I've done sessions in Florida, South Carolina, Alabama, & Georgia. Where will you take me next?



i live for

As a PA native, I naturally gravitate towards being in the mountains. I lived in Florida & South Carolina for 7 years, and missed mountains A LOT. 
Now, I'm living in the mountains peacefully surrounded by trees and gorgeous sunsets.
If you want adventure with views, let's get lost in the mountains together!



i live for

Kali & Khloe - My Mini-Labradoodle & Cavashon are my go-to adventure buddies. We love going for walks in the woods and throwing Khloe's toy for her while Kali and I watch lazily. 

Do you love your pup as much as I do? Talk to me about bringing your pup along for our session together!

my cuddly pups